Flooded Road

None of us knows what a day, or a night, may bring.

Monday night brought a deluge.

It was the life threatening sort and our local sheriff’s office and fire department did what we are all so thankful they do--they saved lives.

We want to publicly acknowledge and thank the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office and the Elkhart Volunteer Fire Department for working swiftly and bravely to rescue a family trapped by flash flooding over Monday night and into Tuesday.

The deputies and members of the volunteer fire department went straight to the danger when most of us are doing all we can to go the other way.

Their efforts meant lives were saved.

Shutting down electricity in a storm, swimming to a flooded home and even being stuck holding onto tree trunks to keep themselves from being swept away, these selfless workers did what had to be done to save lives.

Thank you to deputies Mike Mitchell and Dale Linebaugh. Thank you Sergeant Skyler Laza. Thank you Elkhart Fire Chief Randy McCoy and volunteer firefighters. Thank you to the Anderson County game wardens Brandon Thacker and Danny Kessel.

Thank you for your heroic efforts.

Thank you for what you are willing to do every day.

We are in your debt.

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