Congrats grad

We salute you, graduates!

The Class of 2021 has shown its determination and perseverance long before most graduating classes must.

There was a mandatory requirement to mature early.

There was no coaxing you along, sheltering you on the way.

It was an imperative.





Work—from home, virtually, in-person, away from people, with a mask, without a mask.

And keep smiling whether or not anyone could see it.

While it may not have been the year you’d hoped for, know that all of us looking on are doing so in admiration. Also know that this year, for all the trials, will ultimately make you stronger, more independent people. You will reap the rewards.

It is these types of circumstances that prepare you like no other.

You have reached the other side. Know that your communities are applauding your success and pulling for you in all that is to come.

Kudos to our grads.

Now show the world what you can do.

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