Letter to Editor

My dad lived in the house where I was born until he was 88. The house was on a road between Cranfills Gap and Iredell. The address was Route 3, Hico. He was alone when he fell in his kitchen. He broke his hip, crawled to the phone and called 911. The nearest ambulance was dispatched from Clifton, 25 miles away. After over an hour, 911 called him back and told him the ambulance could not find his house. He told them to go by the hardware store at Cranfills Gap. The hardware store owner, closed the store and lead the ambulance to my dad. He was lucky it happened during a weekday. How many times has this happened to folks in Anderson County? Whenever the County was being addressed during Judge McKinney’s term in office; every road, private and public, which was not maintained by the County was called a “private road”. To this day, no road that is not maintained by the County has a road sign, except for some the residents have made. The numbers are on mailboxes on adjacent roads. I serviced folks in Anderson County for 37 years. When these roads were addressed as “private roads”, they became harder to find than when they had Route & Box addresses. I mapped the County and found 150 so called “private roads”. I have been wasting my breath for 20 years asking officials to make sure every road has a sign. The County has chosen to ignore a lot of folks. If you live on a road that does not have a sign; have a chat with your county officials and state representative. They need to make sure an ambulance can get to you; any day of the year and in any weather.

Tony Rohne


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