Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor  

This is a response to the recent article (Harvey signs letter urging alternatives to migrant child detention, Aug. 20, 2019) that calls for the end of child migrant detention centers, and detention of any one we can’t deem a public threat. All illegal aliens pose a threat. We cannot vet them! We are a nation of laws and they must be enforced.

Not all law enforcement, including myself, agree that we should stop detaining illegal, I repeat illegal, aliens when they enter our county. If you came into our country illegally you should be detained. If you are seeking asylum you should do so at our ports of entry. But if you come from a country south of Mexico, or others, you should seek asylum there, not here.

We all have compassion for the children who unfortunately are sent, usually by their parents, on the harrowing journey, across Mexico to get here and I think we must detain all that come illegally young or old. We must stop the incentives and just maybe these poor children and others will stop risking their lives to make the journey.

This is congresses fault and all of us should be putting pressure on them to pass laws to close the loopholes in our asylum law as and others to de-incentivize these people from coming here in the first place.

I’m grateful for the brave men and women of ICE and Border Patrol and DHS that work so hard to enforce our laws and keep us safe.

I pray for the day that women and children stop making that horrible journey getting raped and taken advantage of by ruthless people. May God Bless them all.

Congress needs to fix our broken immigration system the right way, but securing our border and tightening our laws.

Greg Taylor is the sheriff of Anderson County

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