Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor  

Editor's note: The Herald-Press does not typically run letters to the editor on the newspaper's front page. In this case, however, given the Herald-Press' highly critical, often front-page coverage of the Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Greg Taylor's response warranted it. – Jeffery Gerritt

I want everyone to know, despite what is printed on the pages of this newspaper, the employees of the Anderson County Sheriff' Office work very hard trying to serve and protect the citizens of Anderson County every day.

Our deputies and jailers are ready and willing to risk their lives every day to serve and protect the citizens of this county.

Our dispatchers and civilian employees do amazing work as well.

I'm so amazed at the dedication and professionalism our employees show every day, despite working through tough situations, being short-handed, and working long hours.

I could not be prouder of them all. Please join me in thanking all of our public servants, and also join me in praying for them and their families every day, as they put their lives on the line daily.

Again, thank you to all our public servants and God Bless.

Greg Taylor

Anderson County Sheriff