Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor 

In light of the recent mass shooting, once again politicians are starting to scream, “Seize the guns.”

Guns Don’t Kill, People Do!

 I am in agreement with strengthening background checks and some form of Red Flag laws, if those changes include proper due process to avoid law abiding citizens getting their guns seized unjustly.

 I also think we need to look at unsealing juvenile records for the use of back ground checks for gun purchase.

 Many of these shooters are young and may have red flags in their juvenile history that may not be available to the FBI during a background check.

 Mental health is also a contributor to some of these issues. Better, more coordinated reporting needs to be put in place so that the mentally ill are not allowed to purchase a firearm.

Bottom line: We can change laws and strengthen laws. They will make some difference, but evil and mental illness will still exist.

I believe our rotting culture is a major contributor to these problems. When we take God out of our society our society rots on the vine.

Taking guns away from law abiding citizens only leaves them unprotected from those who wish to do harm. Evil criminal people already don’t abide by the law; taking lawfully possessed guns away won’t change that fact.

May God bless the families of the fallen victims and the wounded in El Paso and Dayton. May God Bless our law enforcement and first responders.

I pray this never happens again.

Greg Taylor is the sheriff of Anderson County 

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