new map book with gps

A new book offers updated, GPS-coordinated maps of Anderson County roads, including private roads, cemeteries, old communities and local landmarks.

Imagine having businesses located at 120 Crockett Road, 602 Crockett Road and 1725 Crockett Road and getting letters from the 911 addressers stating the addresses have been changed. The 120 address is now 169 Pa City Street 2001. Pa is the abbreviation for Palestine and this location is in Precinct 2. The 602 address is now 617 Pa City Street 3001. It is in Precinct 3. The 1735 Crockett address is now 1740 Pa City Street 1001. It is in Precinct 1. Crockett Road has been the name of that street for over 50 years. Fortunately, the 911 folks were able to use existing city addresses. City folks were not forced to change to accommodate county officials.

You may have three farms located at 1205, 6225 and 9250 Wildcat Ferry Road. You get letters from the 911 addressers stating that these addresses have been changed. The 1205 Wildcat Ferry Road has been changed to 1710 An County Road 431. The An is an abbreviation for Anderson…it goes on.

About 1998, Judge Rogers appointed an addressing committee, which I was on. We met to set the rules changing from Route-Box to addresses the 911 system could use. In this meeting, I mentioned the county had put numbers on some roads with 100-year-old names. Changing the numbers causes a lot of unnecessary problems to insurance, EMS, fire, water, gas electric, freight, parcel and trash services. It takes a long time for residents to have the changes to work through the maps and systems. Some never do. I made a motion to not change a road’s name to a number. It passed unanimously.

Apparently, the minutes to this meeting were lost.

Changing a road number or name puts lives and property at risk. Unless requested by a majority of folks on a road, leave the address alone.

Tony Rohne


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