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Dear Editor:

I recently had a great experience with an employee of the city of Palestine.  Our street had been torn up for some time due to water system repairs.  The road had been stripped of its surfacing, leaving a gravelly, rocky surface, and had developed very large potholes.  It was getting worse and worse, and my neighbors and I were beginning to fear that our cars would be damaged.  I placed a call to the City of Palestine and asked to speak to whoever was in charge of streets.

I was lucky enough to be put through to Mark Fletcher.  What a wonderful stroke of luck!  Mr. Fletcher came out personally to see the street in question, and gave me updates on when to expect repairs, and made sure the repairs were done in a timely manner.  Within two weeks of talking to Mr. Fletcher, our road has been repaved and is no longer hazardous to drive on.

Thank you, Mr. Fletcher, for your prompt and courteous attention to our neighborhood’s problem.  Your work for Palestine residents, especially this one, is greatly appreciated!



Katherin Prater

Palestine, TX

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