cat sign and flowers

Dear Editor,

On May 17, 2021 I staked a homemade public-service sign and bouquet of artificial flowers by the gutter next to the dental clinic across from Walmart’s parking lot. The sign had information about stray cats, now gone, that lived in or near this gutter. There was a pregnant tabby female, her half-grown kitten and a white tom cat with tabby spots. People, including myself, left food and water for the cats. I included a photo of the white cat on the sign. However, somebody took my sign and flowers around May 26. I don’t understand why it was taken. I was only going to leave it a couple of weeks. I wanted to tell fellow animal lovers what became of the cats in case they missed them.

These cats and kitten survived the two bitter winter storms of January and February, a miracle in itself.

I caught the female tabby freehand. She was pregnant and turned out to be friendly and social. She went to the vet and had a full work up. She now has a home with me. Her kitten was trapped and adopted out by the Humane Society. The white tom was also trapped, but had to be euthanized. His injuries and infections were just too bad. Although it hurts my heart that he was put down, I know he had to be suffering. I hate to see an animal suffer.

If anybody has questions about the cats, or has information on what became of my sign and flowers, they can email me at

Thank you,

Elise Dean


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