The holiday season is viewed by the majority people as a cheerful time of year that is eagerly anticipated. Many don’t realize that for some, the holiday season does not hold the same joyfulness that most are fortunate enough to experience. Instead, it is an extremely difficult and stressful time. Circumstances sometimes prevent families from having the benefit of the joy of the holiday season in the way that many take for granted. These circumstances are numerous, but include abuse, neglect, loss of work, death of a family member, mental health and/or medical issues, substance abuse issues, marital problems, domestic violence, parent/child conflict, or simply poverty.

CPS staff provide assistance to families in need year round, but we make a special effort to assist the families we work with during the holiday season to insure that their children are able to enjoy the same kind of Christmas that each of us would want for our own children.

The Anderson County Child Welfare Board provides needed assistance to children that are living in foster care year round. The individual members of the board are volunteers. They give their personal time and are very giving, kind and special individuals. We at CPS want them to know that their kindness does not go without notice, but it is especially appreciated by the children they assist not just at Christmas, but also throughout the year.

There are many other individuals in the community who helped CPS staff afford Christmas gifts to families in need in Anderson County this holiday season. These individuals gave of their own time and money, some of them on very short notice, to insure that needy children in Anderson County had gifts for Christmas. They all did an exceptional job. CPS staff and the children they helped would like to recognize them and say a special thank you for all their hard work. We would like to thank the staff at the Anderson County Criminal District Attorney’s Office, the staff of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, the Palestine Resource Center, the staff of Palestine Regional Hospital, Wal-Mart, Sanctuary House, Anderson County Rainbow Room and Dollar General Store in Elkhart.

Lastly, I would like to thank the CPS staff who worked long hours on short notice to make sure that all of the gifts were sorted, wrapped and delivered in time for Christmas.

They were very busy with their daily job responsibilities but willingly put in extra time and effort to insure that this important task was completed.

All of these folks deserve special recognition for giving of themselves for no reason other than to make someone else’s day a little brighter. Thanks again to all of you.

Lesley T. Bitz

CPS Investigation Supervisor


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