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Every life matters

It was heartwarming to read the news of your winning the 2020 Pulitzer Prize in Editorial Writing that is featured in our International Association of Forensic Nurses News.

The “Death without Conviction” Series will save lives and continue to shed light in corners that hide secrets. Every life matters! Wishing you continued courage as you challenge the status quo to improve the world we live in!

Jamie Ferrell

Clinical Director

Forensic Nursing Services

Memorial Hermann Health System


Proud of local paper

Congrats on the Pulitzer achievement for editorial writing... we're very proud to have you as our local paper!

I know my wife has been telling everyone she knows what our hometown paper has accomplished.  We are fortunate to have have a paper that actually holds our public officials accountable for their actions.  

That is rare for a local paper and it hasn't gone unnoticed.  I also appreciate your calling out the city for shutting the paper out of the city council meeting back in March; that definitely wasn't appropriate.

Tim Vasquez


Is Thomason for real?

I have spent two days trying to understand Michael Thomason's column (“Handling handouts,” May 16, A-4) on his refusal to send some money to a man in need.

A man who has done odd jobs for Mr. Thomason for 20 years, who he professes to "Love",  who he professes to respect for at least trying to do something for the money instead of just asking for a handout, who was too proud to actually ask for the money, who had not been able to do his usual rounds because of the Coronavirus. But, "There for the grace of God go you and I."

Is Mr. Thomason for real? If this actually did happen, how can he can have the nerve to even admit it, much less try to peddle this to the rest of us.

Judy Summers


Community fortunate to have editor

I would like to congratulate Mr. Jeff Gerritt for his recent accomplishments and awards.

Our community and readers are fortunate to have someone with his experience, character, and ability, living and working in out community.

I hope he feels accepted here; with his resume, I know that there has to be some lucrative offers from other news outlets.

I have never met Mr. Gerritt but it would be my pleasure to do so.

Eddie Hollingsworth


Media needed

Thank you for the editorials exposing deaths in jails.

Another reason we need the media.

Congratulations on your Pulitzer.

Lauren Nagel


Pop the champagne

Congratulations what a well-deserved honor! 

I hope you have a bottle of champagne at home you can pop.

I am thrilled for you.

Teri Hayt

News Leaders Association

209 Reynolds Journalism Institute

Missouri School of Journalism

Keep up good work

Even in the midst of a pandemic, it is appropriate to be excited about the two

prestigious awards that you have won.

I was excited for you and for your Palestine paper when I read you had won the Pulitzer Prize

for Editorial Writing. And now a second award: the 2020 Burl Osborne Award.


Thank you for your work on behalf of our community – and the forgotten ones who

so often do not get the justice given to others.

Keep up the good work.

Lynn Willhite


You do it up right

When you do something, you do it ‘up right’! I am so happy for you and you’re certainly to be congratulated!

God has truly gifted you in your profession. I’m so proud of you!

I read every article you write and I’m looking forward to more.

Lana Smith


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