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Part of our responsibilities at your Vanishing Texana Museum is to curate the artifacts from the history of our community. Additionally, we also seek to preserve our current history for those that will be looking back at us 100 years from now. Certainly they will seek to understand our experience with the current pandemic and our reaction to it. We admit to struggling with how to explain, in the face of a worldwide killer disease, the first item 300 million of us chose to hoard, was toilet paper.

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Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday announced initial steps to reopen the Texas economy, including in the next week loosening surgery restrictions at m…

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New federal rules that take effect Jan. 1 aim to take the guess-work out of medical costs.

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I don't need a study to know women spend more for the products they need. It's called a pink tax, and I pay it almost every day.

(RNN) - A social media exchange between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un last week has stirred a frenzy in the sale of a product that protects against radiation, according to a Kaiser Health News report on NPR's website Wednesday.

Millions of transactions are made daily in today’s marketplace, so a fair and equitable refunds and exchange policy can be an effective sales …