Cayuga Wildcats

Garrett Bright was on the pitcher's mound for Wildcats. The pitcher lasted seven innings, allowing eight hits and six runs while striking out seven.

GLADEWATER – The Cayuga Wildcats fell late in game one of their area round matchup against the McLeod Longhorns Thursday, 6-2.

Both teams held one another in check for majority of the contest as there were a total of 0 runs scored through the first five innings. Kirby Murray doubled in the bottom of the third inning, but that was the extent of true action of Cayuga.

McLeod began to separate themselves in the top of the sixth inning with three runs scored during the frame. A double in their first at bat of the inning was proceeded by a two-run RBI single later in the frame.

A sac fly later in the inning earned them their third run of the frame as they took a 3-0 lead into the bottom of the sixth.

Cayuga responded with answer of their own. Braxton Killion began their inning with a single on a line drive to center field before a one-run RBI double from Caden Mullican earned Cayuga their first score of the night.

Garrett Bright stepped to the plate next and cracked the pitch down left field for another one run RBI double.

A double play and a fly out ended the inning for the Wildcats. McLeod tacked on three additional runs in their final frame. They began the inning with a a pair of singles and a double to take a 5-2 advantage before ending their inning with a RBI single.

Game two of this best of three series will begin at 5 p.m. tonight at Gladewater High School.

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