Palestine Wildcats

RUSK – The Palestine Wildcats boys powerlifting team came home with a thid place finish at the Rusk Invitational meet Saturday. Frankston had both their teams place fourth overall as well.

Palestine's Tyler Hunt and Jerayian Black both finished at the top of their class in weight. Hunt (148) lifted a total of 1,030 pounds after squatting 350 pounds, doing 275 on bench press and dead lifting 405 pounds (all weight class best).

Black totaled 1,295 pounds with class best in all three categories – 470 in squat, 325 in bench press and 500 on dead lift.

Kobey Taylor (148) placed third behind hunt with a total weight of 750 pounds.

Fabian Marquis (181) totaled 1,010 pounds, which was good for second best in his class. Marquis squatted 405 pounds, bench pressed 200 pounds and dead lifted 405 pounds.

Payton Giles (198) placed second in his clas with a total weight of 1,110 pounds. Giles recorded a 400-pound squat, 250-pound bench press and 460-pound dead lift.

Kaleb Hagan was Palestines last member to place inside the top three of his respestive class. Hagan (275) totaled 1,295 pounds after squatting 470 pounds, bench pressing 325 pounds and 500 pounds on dead lfit.

Frankston had three members of their squad place inside the top three of their class – with Juan Perez securing a first place finish.

Perez (220) had a combined weight of 1,255 pounds after squatting 480 pounds, bench pressing 275 pounds and dead lifting 500 pounds.

Jared Cook (181) placed third in his class with a combined weight of 1,005 pounds. Tyler Fridinger (198) also placed third in his weight class.

The Maidens had three of their six participants finish inside the top three with Jamiyah Burton and Nataalie Prda placing first.

Burton (105) totaled 560 pounds with a class-best 225-pound squat and 250-pound dead lift, along with bench pressing 85 poudns.

Prda (123) totaled 570 pounds with a class best 225-pound squat and 230-pound dead lift.

Her teammate, Callie Selman (123), placed second with the class-best 120-pound bench press. Selmna totaled 525 pounds on the day.

The Ladycats placed seventh on the afternoon with Katherine Egby (148) being their lone top three finisher.

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