Palestine Wildcats

JACKSONVILLE – The Palestine Wildcats outraced the pack at the Jacksonville meet Thursday with a first place finish over the field. The Ladycats secured second place overall.

The Wildcats finished the meet with 49 points, which was 18 points better than second place Spring Hill and 30 points better then third place Sabine. Athens finished fourth with 91 points and Bishop Gorham placed fifth with 102.

The Wildcats had three runners place inside the top 10 beginning with fifth-placed Michael Chaidez. Chaidez ran a time of 17:52 and was followed by Jalbert Sandoval who secured sixth (17:53).

Kevin Quincin finished 10th overall of 46 qualified runners (18:40).

Garrett Bowder barely missed the top 10 cut in 12th place (18:45). Luis Castillo placed 16th (18:59), Gabriel Gante placed 17th (19:04), and Jonathan Chavez finished 19th (19:12) – as the last top 20 finisher for the Wildcats.

Raul Ramirez was 21st and Arath Chavez was 27th.


1Hayden Jeffus16:56.7Bullard 
2Marshall Bodenheimer17:00.4Spring Hill 
3Micah Swann17:15.5Athens 
4David Robinson17:43.0Sabine 
5Michael Chaidez17:52.7Palestine 
6Jalbert Sandoval17:53.3Palestine 
7Hardy Swann18:09.3Athens 
8Cashis Lee-Brown18:28.4Athens 
9Isaac Nathra18:29.5Bishop Gorham 
10Kevin Quincin18:40.3Palestine 
11Caleb Hutcheson18:42.7Spring Hill 
12Garret Bowder18:45.1Palestine 
13Jaden Giddings18:48.5Spring Hill 
15Josafat Covarrubias18:57.9Bishop Gorham 
16Luis Castillo18:59.9Palestine 
17Gabriel Gante19:04.5Palestine 
18Bryan Hawkins19:08.0TatumNo Count
19Jonathan Chavez19:12.7Palestine 
20Caleb Cox19:15.3Sabine 
21Raul Ramirez19:18.9PalestineNo Count
22Wyatt McFadden19:27.5Spring Hill 
23Zayne Decker19:32.2Spring Hill 
24Daniel Robinson19:35.2Sabine 
25Carson Barnhill20:01.9Spring Hill 
26Alan Chavez20:07.7TatumNo Count
27Arath Chavez20:09.7Palestine 
28Dalen Dowell20:17.5Sabine 
29Hernan Sandoval20:37.1TatumNo Count
30Joseph Benedict20:37.9Bishop Gorham 
31Sid Cleofe20:39.3Bishop Gorham 
32Thomas Brown21:00.3Bishop Gorham 
33Andrew Grooters21:04.6Spring Hill 
34Antonio Medina21:14.3Bullard 
35Hagen Hodges21:35.9Bullard 
36Elijah Mays21:56.3Bullard 
37Lane Clanton22:15.1Sabine 
38Jorge Garcia22:15.4Bishop Gorham 
39Allan Sandoval22:26.9TatumNo Count
40Ben McKnight22:45.5Bishop Gorham 
41Michal Clemmons23:01.9Bishop Gorham 
42Antonio Vidal23:06.0Bullard 
43Josh Rodriguez23:49.1Athens 
44Andrew Barklay24:03.1Bishop Gorham 
45Carmelo Alvarez Ackerl24:19.5Bishop Gorham 
46David Rendan24:35.5Athens 

The Wildcats junior varsity team also captured first place at the meet.

It was a dominate effort by the Wildcats as the first eight runners all bore Palestine maroon as they crossed the line.

Esvin Quincia took first, Tony Garcia was second, Cruz Villavueva was third, David Arredondo was fourth and Deigo Farias rounded out the top five.


1Esvin Quincia20:10.9Palestine
2Tony Garcia20:12.3Palestine
3Cruz Villavueva20:27.1Palestine
4David Arredondo20:35.8Palestine
5Diego Farias20:45.9Palestine
6Artuno Nieto21:09.0Palestine
7Ricoh Avila21:11.0Palestine
8Ernesto Hernandez21:19.8Palestine
9Jack Glenn21:25.3Bullard
10Ryan Oliveaux21:26.7Bullard
11Brian Vaca21:42.4Spring Hill
12Christian Bass21:49.5Palestine
13Cole Secord22:11.2Spring Hill
14Ty Carnus22:22.9Palestine
15Adriano Vasques22:26.0Palestine
16Connor Secord22:43.4Spring Hill
17Eli Rice23:32.6Tatum
18Reed Blackeney23:37.5Bullard
19Eric Dondurant23:38.8Tatum
20Zach Stewart23:44.3Bullard
21Kristian Olvera23:49.4Palestine
22Savian Bruce24:02.6Tatum
23Brady Bondurant24:04.5Tatum
24Jackson Perritt24:06.4Spring Hill
25Evan Brenner24:07.0Sabine

Ladycat runner Emerith Hernandez continues her impressive season as she was Palestine's top runner with a third place finish (14:25).

She was the lone representative inside the top 10 as Emily Marroquin was the next placed runner in 12th . Macy French was 14th (15:27), Alliyah was 18th (15:53), Suzy Francia placed 19th (15:57) and Karina Gutierrez rounded out the top 20 (15:59).

Yaneli Ruiz just placed outside the top 20 in 21st.


1Tori Burrette13:26.1Bishop Gorham  
2Riley Roberts14:05.3Bullard  
3Emerith Hernandez14:25.4Palestine  
4Makenzie Greenwood14:34.2Tatum  
5Blaire Bodenheimer14:39.7Spring Hill  
6Emma Logan15:05.8Sabine  
7Catherine McKnight15:12.7Bishop Gorham  
8Ashlyn Frans15:13.6Bishop Gorham  
9Sam Schott15:17.1Spring Hill  
10Zoey Bronadus15:20.0Bishop Gorham  
11Clarie Fielder15:24.3Spring Hill  
12Emily M15:24.7Palestine  
13Lucy Moore15:26.0Bullard  
14Macy F15:27.8Palestine  
15Berlyn Grussman15:39.5Bullard  
16Emerson Cowart15:48.0Bullard  
17Yuvia Vasquez15:52.5Tatum  
18Alliyah E15:53.8Palestine  
19Suzy F15:57.7Palestine  
20Karina G15:59.4Palestine  
21Yanelli R15:59.9Palestine  
22Haliegh Yoder16:12.7Spring Hill  
23Ana Morales16:16.4Bullard  
24Gisele Flores16:28.3Sabine  
25Isabella Manks16:33.8Bishop Gorham  
26Hailey Aguilar16:50.5Sabine  
27Reese Rutland16:51.5Sabine  
28Trinity Edwards16:56.8Tatum  
29Patricia Ochoa16:59.2Tatum  
30Alexis Grubb17:00.9Spring Hill  
31Sierra Brown17:13.8Bullard  
32Eva Meads17:17.7Bishop Gorham  
33Greta Chubboy17:19.6Sabine  
34Emma Willy17:22.1Tatum  
35Kelly Lopez17:22.7AthensNo Count 
36Callie Loftis18:03.7SabineNo Count 
37Ellissa Comeaux18:15.9AthensNo Count 
38Jaliyah Leatch18:16.1TatumNo Count 
39Mackenzie Alexander18:30.7SabineNo Count 
40Julianne Mallari18:37.6Bishop GorhamNo Count 
41Addison Maytubby19:00.6AthensNo Count 
42Molly Hatten19:10.6AthensNo Count 
43Sofia Benedict19:28.1Bishop GorhamNo Count 

The Ladycat junior varsity runners dominated their side with the first seven finisher all coming from Palestine. Sam Chaidez placed first, with Brenda and Celeste following in second and third.


1Sam Chaldez16:04.9Palestine
2Brenda T16:17.6Palestine
3Celeste L16:20.2Palestine
4Amy Rangel16:22.1Palestine
5Gabby A16:53.2Palestine
6Helena L17:15.0Palestine
7Dakota R17:23.2Palestine
8Evely Sandoval18:54.0Tatum
9Lesli Flores19:20.2Sabine
10Alondra Sandoval19:35.6Tatum
11Ana Delgado19:41.5Sabine
12Laney Metcalf20:00.6Tatum
13Kader Connor20:43.4Sabine
14Zuleidy Lara20:52.7Sabine
15Charlotte Adams22:17.8Tatum

Palestine travels to Lindale Oct. 1 for their next meet.

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