Hannah Easley

Today's featured female athlete is Slocum's Hannah Easley. Easley is back-to-back state champion in softball and the lone senior of their 2020 team. Easley will attend the University Of Mary Hardin Baylor to become a physical therapist.

With spring sports currently suspended, the Palestine Herald Press wants to continue showcasing and spotlighting the unique senior athletes of Anderson County. If you're an Anderson County senior who competes in spring sport and would like to be featured, fill out the following questionnaire and send it to sports@palestineherald.com, along with a photo.

Named: Hannah Easley

School: Slocum ISD

Parents names: Three siblings, Sara, Jacob, and Rebekah

Brothers/sisters: Jesse And Amy Easley

Sports played: Softball

Favorite high school memory: I have so many good memories that this is a hard one. My favorite one would have to be this, One time I was helping my coach clear the infield so he could drag it and then spray it down. I told him that I could attach the big water hose by myself so that he could start dragging the field. I have no idea what I did wrong but clearly something not right. The next thing I knew the washer went shooting off in the dirt and the water sprayed everywhere in my face, soaking my entire body and continued to spray everywhere like a water fountain spewing from the pitchers’ mound. I turned around to see my coach laughing and shaking his head in bewilderment. Coach Ives said “How did you manage to even do this? All you had to do was hook up the water hose. [laughing] I told you it was time to go to the Walmart and get you some hair dye.” There I was dripping wet soaked from head to toe with coach Ives just laughing at me. 

Plans after high school: I am attending the University Of Mary Hardin Baylor to become a physical therapist

Favorite song: I’m a pop 40’s kid there is no way I can just pick one song there are just too many.

Favorite food: French Fries 

Favorite TV show: Little House On The Prarie

Favorite movie: Beauty And The Beast [The original cartoon one not Emma stone]

Role models: My role models are my Mom, Jesus, Coach Ives, and Coach Neel

Which coaches had have the most influence on you? Why? My two softball Coaches have had the most impact on me more than I could have ever imagined. I can’t even begin to explain the impact Coach Ives has had on my life. Coach Ives instilled self-confidence in me that I lacked greatly. He taught me what true leadership looks like, he showed me what it means to be a person that keeps his word and honors what they say, he taught me never give up on anything no matter the circumstances, he taught me that even when you don’t get it right the first time if you are trying your hardest that’s what counts, He taught me to chase after my dreams and overcome every obstacle that comes my way. Coach Neel is also an amazing coach that I am beyond thankful for. Coach Neel taught me all the dance moves I know “But don’t be telling nobody.” She taught me that it is okay to critique myself and become a better player and person, but not to beat myself up for mistakes but simply feed off them to become better. Coach Neel taught me that when you really work hard for something that all the hard work will eventually pay off. Coach Neel taught me to relax and have fun before games instead of being uptight and nervous. Coach Neel taught me what true patience looks like. Trust me she constantly would wait on me to pick up the softballs I hit in the batting cage because I was to busy dancing and singing. I don’t know how coach Neel put up with me but she did. Both of my coaches have taught me so much I can’t even say thank you enough to either of them for everything. Both coaches have shown me love and encouragement through my entire softball career and I am beyond thankful for both of them and their character. 

Favorite teacher: My favorite teacher is Mrs. Duren, she teaches my favorite subject A&P and has taught me multiple life lessons and how to genuinely learn tons of information while having fun. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In 10 years I see myself hopefully married and living in my own house while working as a physical therapist wherever God has planned. 

Something about yourself that most people don’t know: I absolutely hate feet, mine, other people’s, and I will not get a pedicure. 

What will you miss most about high school sports? I will miss high school sports more than anything. I will miss playing softball I love the game, the field is my happy place every day of school. I will miss my coaches and all the fun memories we make and everything they have taught me. 

Career Accolades: Only Senior on my softball team this year. Previous Back to Back State Champs

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