The high energy, 1980’s dance show “Footloose” is kickin’ its way to Sam Houston State University’s Department of Theatre and Musical Theatre April 24-27. 

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Nicole Kidman is one of the most gifted and versatile actresses of her generation, capable of both elegant movie star work and transformative, emotionally brutal capital A acting, sometimes at the same time. Some of Kidman’s best work has been done in films which call for her to hide her natural beauty and glamor under loads of make-up, something she did when she won her Best Actress Oscar for “The Hours,” but that doesn’t mean Kidman is doing her best work because she covers herself up physically. The transformation is something much deeper than her skin, and “Destroyer” – possibly Kidman’s most challenging film to date – is proof of that.

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Harold Pullins often reminisces about the decades he’s owned his 27 acres a few miles north of Huntsville — hunting with his son, spending holidays there with his family and watching cows and horses graze in his near five acre pasture. 

If you have a lawn, you may have mowed it yourself or had your service mow it at least once by now. Americans spend more time and money on their lawns than they do the rest of their landscape. However, when you go to sell your house, your trees and shrubs are often the more valuable part of the total sale. With this information in hand, how can we make it easy on our bank balance to maintain the grassy area we call a lawn?

Tortured genius stories are an essential part of the Hollywood machine now, and whenever one works you can track the executives attempting to follow its path to further success like clockwork. Last year we got a Freddie Mercury movie, this year we get an Elton John one. One year it’s Steve Jobs, another it’s Mark Zuckerberg. Storytellers love to probe the great geniuses of each era of our culture, to find the haunted underbelly behind every masterpiece or innovation, and audiences love to see the darkness behind the works of art they love and the products they reach for. 

Several graduating senior art majors from Sam Houston State University will hold exhibitions at the Satellite Gallery in downtown Huntsville. 

April showers might bring May flowers, but what are you to do on a gloomy rainy day? Those April shower can also bring you more great days for snuggling up with a good book. And we are here to help provide the books! We recently added these and more new books to our picture book collection!

Thanks to a collaborative effort between the College of Criminal Justice, the College of Education and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Sam Houston State University will host a screening of the documentary “The Pushouts” before it’s national audience debut this fall on PBS. SHSU will screen the film at 1 p.m. on April 10 in the Lowman Student Center Theatre followed by a panel discussion with guests.

What began as a car ride conversation between DFW-based trainer Montrel Duckett and former Aledo High School running back Johnathan Gray quickly turned into the beginnings of the pair’s new youth mentoring and athletic training program, Beyond the Ball.

The key ingredient to any great genre film, the great unifying factor that runs through them all, is sincerity.

Two shows will make their debut on the campus of Sam Houston State University State University beginning Tuesday. 

Last week was the official start of spring on the calendar. In the Walker County Demonstration Gardens, we go by soil and air temperature and what’s blooming! The plants have decided to poke their heads out due to nighttime temperatures staying above 40 degrees and daytime temperatures at about 70 degrees. After what has seemed like endless days of rain and no sunshine, everything has been perfect in recent days for almost all plants to start blooming, seeds to sprouting or putting on growth to be a priority.

Last year, Jordan Peele won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for “Get Out,” a runaway hit movie full of compelling characters and provocative themes that also happened to be a horror film. Such victories for horror at the Oscars – outside of ultra-rare things like the time “The Silence of the Lambs” swept the major awards – are rare, and the win immediately catapulted Peele to yet another level of artistic reputation. “Get Out” was his debut feature, and it had already been heralded as the most artistically successful horror film of 2017. An Oscar in his hand meant that Peele’s follow-up was always going to be one of the most anticipated and most scrutinized films of 2019.

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With great sadness the family of Kem K. Bishop, age 59 of Montalba, announces his passing on Friday, April 12, 2019. Kem was born April 29, 1959 in Houston, Tx. The "Amazing Kem" worked 23 years for Palestine Regional Medical Center. Memorial donations may be made to the American Cancer Society.

Sgt. Robert "Bobby" Lloyd Maddux, USMC, went home on April 6, 2019. He was born in Bryan, Texas on September 6, 1958. He was a life member of D.A.V., VFW and American Legion. He was proud to serve his country as a United States Marine. He served from 1980 to 1989. He is survived by his wife,…