Mineral Wells family seeking clean-up help following house fire

A Mineral Wells family is seeking help with cleanup after their home burned down earlier this month. The family of seven was able to make it out unharmed.

After a fire uprooted a Mineral Wells family of seven, donations and volunteers are being sought to help get them back on their feet.

Danielle Pugh, her husband Meguel “Meme” Hierbe, and their five boys — twins Davion and Devon, 10; Dreshaun, 6; Drelynn, 4; and Dru, 11 months — were all asleep when the fire broke out on Feb. 7 inside the twin’s bedroom.

“[The twins] were sleeping and one said his face and the bottom of his foot were hot and it woke him up. He said there was nothing but fire around him, so he rushed over to wake his twin up,” Pugh said. “They didn’t know what to do, they were screaming for help and couldn’t open the door so they were trapped in the room. Because the fire was so close to them, they had to do the hard thing by opening the window because it was so hot. They worked together as a team and opened up that window.”

Pugh said her husband was asleep in the living room when the fire occurred and tried to help get the two boys out of their bedroom. Pugh was asleep with the other children in the back bedroom of the house.

“I’m a certified nail tech and so I have a nail room in the house, so the first thing I thought about was the chemicals in that room, so I just instantly opened up the window and started tossing [the kids] out in their sleep,” she said. “It was probably harsh, but I was not thinking at the time.”

The entire family was able to escape the flames physically unharmed, though Pugh said the event has been traumatizing for the boys, who have a hard time sleeping now.

“Waking up to a big fire in your room and you’re trapped in there and can’t get out and for them to say, ‘We had to do the hard thing or we were going to die,’ that’s something even adults don’t do,” she said.

The Mineral Wells Fire Department said the incident is still under investigation at this time.

“Our fire marshal’s office and Mineral Wells PD are still investigating at this time,” MWFD Captain Ethan Weathers said. “Due to it being under investigation, the Mineral Wells Fire Department cannot release any information at this time.”

Family relative Cheyenne Poole created a GoFundMe account for the family to help in the rebuilding of their home.

“I went to school with Meme, so I’ve known him for 20-plus years and I’m actually married to his cousin so our kids are cousins,” Poole said. “I’ve known Danielle for about eight years or so and she is one of my best friends. They have worked their way to be able to buy their home just last year and it’s been hard for them with five kids — mom and dad working and just doing the best they can.”

In the meantime, Pugh said they’ve rented a place to stay, but the main thing they need is helping hands.

“We are overly appreciative of all the clothes that were donated to us — we don’t need any clothes now — so it’s mainly just when it gets warmer out, we’re trying to get people out to help gut the housebecause we own this house,” she said. “Any workers that want to donate materials or if anyone wants to come help gut the house and we’re not asking anyone to come out for free, we have money to pay, we just want more help.

“We haven’t lived in it for even a year yet — we moved in on March 1 of last year.”

Poole described Pugh is an amazing person who is always willing to help.

“They’ve been through a lot, but the most important thing is that everybody made it out safe,” she said.

Anyone wish to help the family can contact Poole at 940-452-3096. To donate funds, search “Meme & Danielle and their 5 boys” on gofundme.com


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