Stickers available for special needs families

Vehicle stickers are available at the Parker County Sheriff's Office for families of special needs individuals, to help alert law enforcement of any communication issues due to mental or physical difficulties.

Parker County residents with special needs family members may now be able to obtain free vehicle stickers from the sheriff's office.

The stickers are red and yellow, stating, "ATTENTION, A special needs person may be in this vehicle, be aware that simple commands may not be understood."

Parker County Sheriff Russ Authier said the stickers are free to the public and can be picked up at the Parker County Sheriff's Office, 129 Hogle St., in Weatherford, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

"We are making these stickers available to Parker County citizens who may have a family member, or loved one, who may not be able to understand simple commands the way we do during a traffic stop or emergency response situation," he said.

The stickers were created by Anne and Darren Carbonem with ACDC Banners, Signs, Decals and Designs and provided at no cost.

The stickers were produced in an effort to help alert first responders when a person has difficulty communicating due to medical or mental issues, and may not be able to communicate with law enforcement about their medical condition.

"It can assist our deputies when making contact with that individual who may be diabetic, hearing impaired, who may have dementia, Alzheimer's, autism or Asperger's Syndrome, or any type of cognitive disability," Authier said. "The inability to communicate with law enforcement may be the difference in obtaining emergency medical assistance in a vehicle crash, medical or mental health episode, or even a traffic stop. 

"We want to ensure the public that we are making every effort to educate our deputies with the newest technology and training available. We need the public's assistance in helping our staff recognize citizens who may not be able to relay that information in emergency situations."

The stickers are voluntary, and sheriff's telecommunicators will keep a log for their system date for those would like to be placed on the list. You will not be required to submit your license plate or description to receive a decal.


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