WHS Blue Belle to compete in Miss Teen Texas USA pageant

Weatherford High School student and Blue Belle BriAnna Lorenz, 16, is planning to represent Weatherford in the Miss Teen Texas USA pageant in late November.

Weatherford High School student and Blue Belles member BriAnna Lorenz, 16, is preparing to represent Weatherford in the Miss Teen Texas USA pageant.

The pageant takes place Nov. 29 through Dec. 1 in Houston, and the competition includes interview, evening gown and athletic-wear portions.

Miss Texas USA and Miss Teen Texas USA State Director and President Gail Clark said as of Saturday, Lorenz applied and was accepted to the pageant, but Lorenz will need to register before becoming an official contestant. Clark said applications for the Miss Teen Texas USA pageant are still being accepted. 

Lorenz had previously participated in the pageant when she was 13 years old and decided to try again.

“I took a break so I could continue dancing like I am now with the Weatherford Blue Belles,” Lorenz said. “I was interested this year, and I was like why not try out again.”

Lorenz said the competition is a chance for her to represent Weatherford and meet new people.

“When I was 13, I was in a different city, but now I would be volunteering here and being able to help here more than I have with just the Blue Belles,” Lorenz said. “I also enjoy meeting new people when we go to the competition.”

Linda Lorenz, BriAnna’s step-mother, said she hopes the competition gives BriAnna a chance to build confidence and work on her people skills. Many family members are planning to travel to Houston to watch BriAnna compete.

“It’s exciting for her,” Linda Lorenz said. “She’s gone through a lot of things the last few months, and I think this is the confidence boost that she needed.”

The biggest competition challenge will be keeping track of school and her Blue Belles schedule while preparing for the competition, BriAnna Lorenz said.

“It’ll be a little difficult, but I am pretty sure I am ready to take on this challenge,” BriAnna Lorenz said.

Linda Lorenz said the pageant is the experience of a lifetime. To help BriAnna prepare, Linda Lorenz said she has been trying to keep a positive outlook on the competition.

“We just try to keep a positive influence, just try to keep reminding her that it’s not about winning,” Lorenz said. “It’s about experiences, it’s about meeting new people and having awesome opportunities.”

The most fun part of pageant preparation for Linda Lorenz is going to be dress shopping with her step-daughter, she said.

“That’s our favorite,” Linda Lorenz said while laughing a little. “We can’t wait to start dress shopping.”

In the future, BriAnna Lorenz wants to study to become a pediatrician.

“I’ve always been surrounded by kids, and I love kids,” BriAnna Lorenz said. “I want to make sure that each one of them is still healthy and well taken care of.”