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It was 75 years ago, on September 2, 1945, that the Empire of Japan surrendered to the “Allies,” primarily the United States of America. For the United States the war began on Sunday, December 7, 1941, “a day that will live in infamy.” 

In Isaiah chapter five, God describes His people as His vineyard and Himself as the owner and caretaker of the vineyard. He declares His love for the vineyard. God chose a fertile hillside and cleared it of stones. He planted the choicest of vines. He watched over it and protected it. He prepared for an expected harvest of good grapes, but His vineyard yielded only bad grapes.

Being spiritual and being Christian are not the same. I am amazed at what I see and hear proclaimed today as valuable advice to move one forward spiritually. Much of this advice is far worse than unhelpful. Much of it is deadly. Given the confusion and misunderstanding prevalent today, not much is learned when someone tells you that he or she is a follower of Jesus. We must immediately ask, “Which Jesus?” In the past few decades, it became pretty uninformative if someone said they loved and followed God. Without a significant discussion we had no idea what was meant by “loving and following God”. For a few short years, the name Jesus retained some meaning. However, it seems today the name of Jesus is so misused that we can have no certainty of its meaning to the one who uses it. Much spiritual advice dispensed today leads one away from Jesus rather than to Him. It is imperative that we look to Jesus as He is revealed in the Bible.

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